Introducing our new LED T8 Retro-fit Tube

Introducing our new LED T8 Retro-fit tubes


Energy Savings....

-  Our LED retro-fit tubes will fit into existing florescent fixtures and give you almost 50% in energy savings


Maintenance Savings....

Using our retro-fit tubes will save you money on maintenance and replacement costs due to the 50,000 hr lifetime of our products. Imagine no maintenance expense for the next 10 years!


Environmental Savings....

-  Our retro-fit tubes are MERCURY FREE! and do not emit UVA and UVB rays like traditional florescent tubes!


Product code


Dimension 4 ft (2' and 3' upon request)
Color 2700-6000K
Lumen 1800 LM/tube
Voltage AC85-240V
Watts 18W

Traditional T8 Florescent

50,000 hrs
Warranty period
5 years