Progressive Sealing Inc.

Progressive Sealing Inc. has been a Distributor of Industrial Equipment for over 30 years in Western Canada. It is a company that has been involved in the improvement of equipment reliability in each industrial sector including; Pulp and Paper; Mining; Petro Chemical; Refinery; Water and Waster Water; Drilling, Hydro and Coal Fired Power Generation.


It has developed long term relationships with Global leading Manufacturers such as; the AW Chesterton Company; Inpro Seal Company; EnviroSeal; Chicago Industrial Pump Company and  AGD Products Inc.


The SteelWater Group Inc. is  positioned to enhance equipment reliability by applying all of Progressive Sealing's products and Supplier technical resources to provide measured value to its customers. Many of the available technologies are applied using long term reliability strategies which assist our customers with improving their competitiveness. 


There are also many educational opportunities available, such as; on and off site seminars; factory training; on-line courses; and on site product and installation assistance.


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