"25 years of Equipment Reliability Experience". The SteelWater Group  is now offering Thermograph to help provide you with cost avoidance assessments and technology improvements.

Electrical Inspections

The power consumed by an electrical system is defined by: P = Current X Resistance. The power is not really consumed but is usually transformed into thermal energy. Whenever you have an imbalance or overload situation the temperature of the component increases. As well, whenever there is an increase in resistance due to a bad connection or faulty component, this will also appear as an increase in temperature when inspected by our advanced infrared radiometric cameras. Identifying these problems early can avoid unscheduled downtime and catastrophic results that can jeopardize safety, such as electrical fires.


Mechanical Inspections


All rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, bearings, drives, couplings etc. are good candidates for infrared mechanical inspections. When operating efficiently they all exhibit a normal thermal pattern. Most other conditions display thermal patterns and temperatures that are inconsistent with efficient operation. These anomalies can be identified with Thermography.